December 20, 2015

Christmas Give-Away, once again...

A short while ago I did a Christmas Give-Away. I was very excited because it was my first one, so I thought all will go well, but for some reason Tina still did not get in touch with me to send me her address :( I tried to contact her but could not find any mail/info in order to do so.

It's already been two weeks now and this gift was meant for Christmas/New Year but is still hanging around on my desk, that's why I decided to make another draw between those who had initially participated to the Give-Away - Yaay! (Tina, in case you could not reach me previously for any reason, please send me your address through the contact form at the bottom of my blog and I will make another box for you).

So let's go... Once again I used a random picker from the web and took the first result:

And the winner is... Drora!! :D

Drora, I hope you will like the minis and be able to use them in one of your projects. You may send me your address by using the contact form on the bottom left of my blog. I will share pictures once you receive the box to keep the suspense :)

Wishing you all a warm Sunday evening... Susi

P.S. I'm working on those Tutorials ;)


  1. Oh no...I did send a message the same day....I will try again

  2. I just sent another message...hopefully it will go through.

  3. Hi Tina, it came through this time :) Sorry for this, I wrote a note on the Christmas Give-Away post, that I could not reach you and did not get your address, but not hearing from you I thought something went wrong. I'm sending you the original box and will make a second one for Drora in this case, as promised :)

    Hope you enjoy!

    1. Hi Susi,

      Just a quick little note that I haven't received anything as of yet?

    2. Hi Tina, yes you're right, I was checking the update today on the tracking code and even if I had sent the gift before Christmas it took a lot of time, I think due to the holidays. I'll send you and Drora your tracking codes now in private :)

  4. Wow! How exciting!Thank you for this unexpected surprise.

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