April 3, 2016

The DollsHouse Netherlands Show

Yesterday the weather was perfect for a trip to Ulft to visit the DHN Show. It's a little town with around 11.000 inhabitants. I did not know what to expect from the show, as this was the first time I would attend it. My husband decided to join me this time around. We arrived unexpectedly early at the hall and took a little walk around before the show, taking advantage of the good weather. I was very happy that my husband decided to join me, because I really wanted him to see a miniature show at least once by himself. It unfortunately seems like it will be the last time, ha-hah! He was already counting the remaining stands when we were only 1/3 through the show! Yet I must admit, that even if he was not as enthusiastic as I expected, he played along, helped me find items on my list and did not complain too much about his feet hurting when we left the show after 4 hours. :)

The show was held in the SSP-Hal in Ulft. The letters SSP stand for the "Stainless Steel Products" that rolled for years in the DRU factory. The building hosts now multiple events during the year. I like how they kept the industrial look.

There were a lot of visitors, but it did not feel crowded at all, due to all the space the location had to offer. During the show, I unfortunately exceeded the budget I had in mind, probably due to the presence of my husband who constantly encouraged me to buy "whatever I like". He likes to spoil me! :D I definitely would have been more selective, if I was visiting the fair alone. Finally, I ended up with a LOT of building materials for this year's HBS Contest entry, which I won't show to keep the suspense, but also some other miniatures, such as the ones below:

Table and stepladder - Het Klein Meubelparadijs
Teal/green/brown ceramic bowls and plates - Zus & Zo (Their webshop seems to be closed)
Wooden plates - Miniatuurdraaiwerk
Vases and big white plate - Fennicole Miniatures
Little cactuses - Lupenklein
Little glass bottle - Minidoor
Noodles, muesli and kitchen roll - Bibaminis

The most impressive miniatures I bought yesterday were the flowers from Ilona. I have been following her work since a while now; her flowers are even more beautiful in real. I was lucky enough to be able to reserve some of her magnificent Strelitzia's and a hanging kokedama orchid. I was relieved bringing them home without damaging them and spend some time discovering their beauty in detail. Now I have to find a worthy vase able to hold the Strelitzia's and decide about the final scene I want to create with them.

It was much warmer outside when we left the show than in the morning and we had (!) to take off our coats. The sun shining on us in the train and the view of the endless green fields we passed by made us really sleepy after our long day.

I wish you a happy Sunday.



  1. Beautiful finds, Susi! I especially love those teal plates and bowls and the wooden utensils...but I really love everything!


    1. Thank you Claudia, the person I bought the plates from had so many other wonderful ones, it was a tough decision.

  2. Maravilloso día y maravillosas compras! Qué más se puede pedir? :)
    Un abrazo!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh Marion, you should have seen what all those people at the fair created! I wanted to take so much more with me!

  4. Wow. Beautiful items. I love the food!!

    1. I really like to food as well. Bibaminis had so many fantastic pieces to choose from, I made sure to see every item one by one on their stand.

  5. Hi Susi! What a Wonderful husband you seem to have! :D I think that your choices in miniatures is Superb and every item is a Real treasure!
    I envy you the plants made by Ilona! She is really is a MASTER, when it comes to her plants, well actually she is a MASTER at EVerything she sets her mind to do.
    Enjoy everyone of your lovely goodies as well as the memories that are with them! :D


  6. Awesome haul! I particularly love the white vases :-)

  7. Hi Susi! Well, let's see if I can leave you a comment now, because I see that you've added the Google Friend Connect-button too ;)!
    After the DHN-show I decided for a time out and I'm not blogging since then, so I've just now read your blog post. I'm sorry that I didn't respond earlier, it has its reasons.
    I see that you have had a wonderful time at the fair, it was so nice to meet you in person. You've done some very nice purchases. For me it's a relief to read that your flowers arrived safe and sound at home, because it's quite difficult to wrap them well for the trip homewards for customers, but yours survived :D! Thank you for sharing the link to my blog and again I wish you a lot of fun with all of your purchases.
    Kind regards, Ilona

  8. Yahoo......finally it worked :D!