November 15, 2015


Today was a good day for working on my HBS Contest entry: rainy weather, nothing urgent to do, still got the Sunday for doing the housework. So today I was able to work on those things that kept my mind busy for the last couple of weeks, ideas that kept changing, found their final form and I can finally go to sleep with fewer ideas boggling my mind.

The news on TV were extremely heartbreaking, so some good music cheered me and my husband up, while "lazy" in the picture below (lazy - as he keeps laying on the floor) kept me company while I worked on the project. There are exactly 31 days left to the deadline, I better hurry :) I feel like there will always be another thing that needs to be done on the project!


  1. Haha, My name is Magda, like on that cup xD I really like your miniatures. Good luck with your project :)

  2. I like this little vignette very much, especially the lazy dog! And Keep going on your HBS project! :D

  3. Lovely dog! Good luck with the contest Susi, I can imagine it's quite the challenge! I'm very curious to what you are making, this already looks good!