November 21, 2021

Some exciting news...

There we go... Season 2 of "Klein Maar Fijn" will start as of the 5th December 2021 searching for the best model maker in the Netherlands and I'm super excited to be part of the team!!!
(I'm the one all in black on the right)

You can start watching on the 5th December at 21:30 on SBS6.
Foto by @williamrutten 
You can find almost all other candidates on Instagram as follows:
Peter - peterde.nijs
Britt - britt.179
Wish me luck! I'll need it!!!

April 5, 2021

Some more lighting

 Hi there, HAPPY EASTER!

Having found some time to work on miniatures this Easter Monday, I thought I'd post a short update on my progress on the Tattoo Studio. Less writing, more pictures for this update, but let me know in comments if you have any questions. I also did not have the time to visit any blogs lately, I'd be really happy if you would like to share any links to your projects...

Result after coloring the concrete texture and closing the led lights.
Checking the lights.

I also added two wall lamps to the corner.

The counter lights are also installed. I just need to straighten the cables for a more realistic look.

View of the full lower level. Still need to add lights to the right area.

I'll wait to complete all missing lighting before dealing with this mess!


Keep safe, hugs! 


January 28, 2021

Lighting, stair railings and bathroom update

Does the 28th of January still count as the start of the year? No? Who cares - Happy new year! I really hope you're all safe and healthy...

Tired of how the World functions at this moment, I made a 2021 deal with myself: I'm concentrating on 'positives' and on what I can change, instead of being depressed about things I can't control. This has been working quite well I must say - I highly recommend it! By the way, how lucky are we to have a passion that requires us to stay home to practice it?

Here is a little update on what I have been working on in the past half year. It's not much unfortunately, as I have been extremely busy with work. Nevertheless, I really had fun working on these new additions to the tattoo shop.

I started with some details for the bathroom on the upper floor. I used polystyrene to create a door handle, a vanity sink faucet and a matching knob, which then I spray painted in black.

Next I built the bathroom vanity. For the sink I used polystyrene, which I spray painted and for the vanity itself I used wood which I hand painted in brown.

I also built a door with a lock pocket on the side.

I cut some railings for the stairs, drilled a diagonal hole on the upper side of these for connecting them with a leather string to form the railing and started working on the main frame of the counter lighting.

I also built long tube hanging spot lights to attach to the main frame of the lighting.

Soldering the mini light bulbs was a real hassle.

Once the bulbs were set and the cabling was finished, I spray painted the lighting and the parts for the stair railing.

I drilled a little hole on each stair-step to house the railings.

I realized the sticks alone looked a bit simple, therefore I added and spray painted a little addition to the lower part of the railings.

The end result:

This is it for now, I'm going to work on some additional lighting soon. Until then, keep safe!