November 15, 2015


Today was a good day for working on my HBS Contest entry: rainy weather, nothing urgent to do, still got the Sunday for doing the housework. So today I was able to work on those things that kept my mind busy for the last couple of weeks, ideas that kept changing, found their final form and I can finally go to sleep with fewer ideas boggling my mind.

The news on TV were extremely heartbreaking, so some good music cheered me and my husband up, while "lazy" in the picture below (lazy - as he keeps laying on the floor) kept me company while I worked on the project. There are exactly 31 days left to the deadline, I better hurry :) I feel like there will always be another thing that needs to be done on the project!

November 11, 2015


I feel like an horrible blogger, starting a blog and then not being able to add anything... To list my excuses :) : I've been traveling a lot the last month. I really worked hard the last half of October, even participating to a convention in Switzerland for an entire weekend. Yet, after a 12 day non-stop work marathon, it was finally November and that meant it was time for my holiday which I had planned since so long with my husband. Because I'm still working on my HBS contest entry which I can't share yet, I've decided to share some pictures from our 1700 miles trip all around California instead.

Our long road-trip started with a flight to Los Angeles, which from here is an 11 hours flight. The road trip included stops at Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I enjoyed every bit of it but can't seem to shake the jet lag away yet - waking up at 3pm this afternoon! Like every holiday, it ended waaaay too quick, hmpf...

So we started our journey with a lot of sun :)

 There were a lot of amazing views on Highway 1.

A view of San Francisco from the Alcatraz prison.

 Inside Alcatraz the worn walls... I might use this view in a future project.

 These trees in Yosemite Park looked as if they were rendered.

 Endless roads during the trip to Death Valley...

Panorama from the Ubehebe Crater.

 And finally, Blizzcon! If you did not know it by now, I like video games, I like them a lot :)
A shot from the Starcraft Arena Hall.

 So many friendly and positive people, I loved the atmosphere...

And then we flew back, another 10 hours, but this time the flight was painful though, 2 hours delay and my legs still hurt, still I think it was worth it. Now I need to get back to work and start getting a little less broke... hah :)