January 30, 2016

2015 HBS Creatin Contest Results

I've been working very hard in the last couple of days/weeks even though I thought that there was going to be less work to do in January and maybe more time to work on some miniatures. So after many busy days without miniatures, I finally found yesterday evening some time to check some blogs and websites to see what's new, including the miniatures.com website, having in mind to buy the new contest kit for 2016 and curious about the HBS Contest Results. It was a huge surprise seeing this on their start-page:

There it was, the record shop... I can't tell how proud and thankful I am that the jury thought that my project deserved a first time entrant prize. This means so much to me, not only because this was my biggest project until today, but also because it was the first contest I ever participated in. I spent so much time on this project and I love every bit of it, seeing that others appreciate my work as well is so fulfilling. Thank you so much for that, and again for all of your kind comments on my previous posts.

Having received these great news, I was of course unable to sleep the entire night jumping around excited like a dog with two tails. It has been a hard day at work today as a consequence, having slept only 3 hours last night. To calm down a little, I started to put together some ideas for my next project and can't seem to decide what I will go for. I think I need some extra time to decide what topic to choose next, knowing that it will probably take another year to finish.

Until then, I wanted to share some pictures with you of recent items I bought/made:

I created some little cakes for Valentine's Day to test the frosting I have bought recently and it seems to work fine. I made some extra roses for the cakes and tried multiple versions until I chose to go with this design.

I bought some kitchen accessories from ELF Miniatures that I might use in my next project. I also bought a Miele Fridge, an ELF undercounter steel fridge freezer kit and an ELF modular hob kit which will allow me to design the kitchen counter the way I want it to look.

I'll be posting more in the coming weeks if I find some more time, until then have a wonderful day :)

January 10, 2016

Miniature Record Sleeve Tutorial

Finally some time to spend on minis again! I'm catching up with all the nice Christmas posts on other blogs as I've been traveling to see family during Christmas and New Year. All the traveling back and forth is rather exhausting compared to a relaxed weekend at home. Pff and I hate the laundry when coming back from a holiday, I'm not even talking about the ironing!

Yet, as promised, I did a little tutorial for the vinyl sleeves that you can see in my HBS contest entry. I did not have the thick glossy photo paper to print on though, that I had used previously. The one I used for this tutorial is less glossy and less thick, which makes the record sleeves look less real. I hope you will like it anyway...

I also ordered some new minis during last week and can't wait to receive them. I will share some pictures in the upcoming days. Let me know what you think about the tutorial or if you want me to make one for another item in my HBS entry.

I wish you all a cozy Sunday Evening...