December 15, 2015

1 more day to go...

I don't know how other participants of this year's HBS Creatin' Contest are staying patient until the deadline, but I really can't wait anymore to see all the creative projects that are waiting to be discovered. I've been seriously investigating on the internet for the last couple of days to see if I can find any updates from participants, but could see only limited posts and pictures.

There is one project though that is absolutely stunning and I just have to mention it... of course I'm talking about Mitchy Moo Miniature's build. I'm just flabbergasted by Pepper's talent and can't get enough of looking at the pictures she posted on her blog. I think she's not taking part at the contest though, as I remember having read that the kit was gifted to her, yet for me she already won this year's contest.

To increase the suspense, I decided to post some pictures as well :) Yes, that's evil, I know. So all started with the base of the kit... That's been so long ago already, I think I started around April.

Then I made a LOT of drawings, calculations and material planning until I knew approximately how I would proceed with the special furniture. Some parts were too special so I had to create them digitally and order laser cut versions. Slowly decoration pieces came together as well. Many are made by myself, but I had to include a few others as well, such as the open bag of chips from LugartPetit.

The dog was Lazy as usual. Even when I was doing the brick wall, placing one brick after the other for hours, he did not move. At that point I was puzzled about how best to remove the excess of mortar as it was my first brick wall, but I figured very quickly that it's actually pretty easy with a damp cloth and a brush once all dried.

It was also pretty messy at the beginning, especially the space it took was more than I had expected. Then I started with the wiring of the house and had a pretty clear idea how to continue... So this was a little sneak-peek to my entry but more will come as soon as the deadline is over.

Looking back now I can't believe how much fun this has been for me since the beginning, this also being my first entry to a miniature contest ever. I wish everybody good luck with their project and think that it was worth participating even just for the fun of it.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see it. I finished a few days early, and am chomping at the bit to see everyone else's.

  2. Tremendous suspense to see all the versions of this house!
    Susi, where did you get the folding chair from?

    1. Hi Marion, the folding chair is from I really think they look good in scene.

  3. thanks for giving this little hint of your entry, I'm curious to what it has become! Haha, dogs can be sooooo lazy :D