March 25, 2017

Spring and a new project...

It's sunny outside - and that 3 days in a row! I've been patiently waiting for the first signs of spring. I love this period of the year, there is so much going on outside. The changes in Amsterdam are beautiful this time of the year, every day there is something new to see. I just want to share this magnificent photograph that my colleague has taken with his phone on the way to work a couple of weeks ago. You feel the presence of the sun, but it is not quite there yet...

Since my last post, I managed to finish last year's HBS Creating Contest Kit and yes, I know I missed the deadline, but after the stormy year I had, I'm just happy to finally finish it at my own deadline. Now it's finally time for something new, hurrah! Seen the size of our home, my husband is not keen to have two projects at once sitting on both of our tables! Indeed, we need one to eat! Hah!

So I though, in the honor of the finished project, I'd go to a beach close by and take some pictures. Here they are, with some others taken at home:

First sunny weekend since a long time...

And here it is, the finished project - I still don't have a name for it. To be honest, it's not what I had imagined in the beginning, and I could not put all the energy I wanted in it. I just had lost my motivation at a certain point of time with everything else that was happening around me, but still wanted to finish it now. Could it have been better? Yes, but I felt the need to start something totally new. I initially thought about placing a glass door in the front, as well as creating a bamboo fence for the balcony and a garden full of tropical plants - but no, I just could not find the patience for it. Maybe sometime in the coming years... Below are some close-ups.

In the evening it looks kind of cozy though!

Before I forget it again, I realized that I did not mention my record shop having made it to the cover of the American Miniaturist magazine last August. This is an honor, it's thrilling and made me so proud.

And then there is this picture, really terrible - and I'm sorry for the quality of it -, but it means so much to me. This is the first dollhouse I ever saw and that my dad apparently had built for my aunt who is collecting miniatures. It is pretty old, older than me I guess, and does need some cleaning for sure, yet when I look at it, I remember all the hours I set in front of it, rearranging every room one by one... Do you remember your first mini-experience?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Me encanta tu "cabaña"!!! Mirando las fotos he de recordarme constantemente que estoy viendo una miniatura y no una construcción a tamaño real... Es magnífica!!!! Cada pequeño detalle es una maravilla para mi y el conjunto resulta encantador. No tiene nombre? A mi me inspira "Serenity" :) Como esa foto tan bonita de tu ciudad... Un abrazo!

  2. Wow!!!! I'm glad you finished because it looks amazing. I can't stop looking at your pics (post more up close so I can take in all the details). I want to move in

  3. Well, I don´t know what you had in mind but this is amazing!! I love all the details.
    It´s wonderful :)

  4. I love your work! It's so detailed and amazing. I'm going to look at it again when I get back home today. Packing from my time in NYC and then the bus home.

  5. Wow! It looks amazing. I particularly love the windows. And I was excited when I saw your record shop on the cover of AM back in August - well-deserved!

  6. Heh! Are those Wallpaper* magazines I spy in the shelves under the window?

  7. Beautiful little build! I want to curl up in that nook and snooze! :D Congrats on the feature and the cover. It's well-deserved. I was just showing someone your record shop the other day. :]

  8. Good for you Susi for getting this BEAUTIFUL HBS COTTAGE completed and I am SO GLAD that you did because this is Small Scale living at its Finest! :D
    I am totally enamored not only with the floor plan and how you managed to make every inch of this tiny house look open and spacious, but I LOVE the freshness of the color scheme and the AMAZING window treatment you've included. "WOW" to every single well chosen and perfectly placed detail!
    And Congratulations once again on your previous HBS record shop and for getting on the cover of the Aug. Issue of American Miniaturist- SUPER- D- DUPER! :D


  9. Hi Susi, Congratulations for finishing your build. Sometimes you just need to step away from minis to handle real life..
    You have done a great job. I love the bed with the curtain to create a private area - a complete home in such a compact space. Furnishings are terrific too.
    All the best.

  10. I love your modern beach hut Susi! Wonderful work. Great photos too!

  11. Hi Susi! Sorry for being so's because of my health, now I'm feeling better ;)!
    I loved to see the gorgeous picture of Amsterdam, it's my favorite city for a day trip ;)!
    Congratulations for been published on the cover of the American Miniaturist magazine of last August, it's so well well well deserved!!
    It was so nice to speak to/seeing you on the show in Arnhem, it was so good to see you there.
    Wow, the results of your HBS Creating Contest Kit are stunning, and awesome, what a cozy, fantastic beach house. I really wish I could stay in there for a while ;). You have a very good taste for designing, furnishing and decorating your modern miniature works, it's top class!
    Your old dollhouse is something to cherish well, Susi, it means so much nostalgic memories and it contains beautiful miniatures for you. Yes, I do remember my first miniature experience: when I was 7-8 years old, I built my own dollhouse out of cardboard shoe boxes and with some pieces of fabric and my clay for kids I made alot of miniature furniture and dolls. It was so nice to do, but it didn't last for long, since everything was vanished some day, due to the lack of space :(. But I still have my lovely memories of this cardboard shoe box dollhouse!
    Wishing you a wonderufl weekend, enjoy the sun. Hugs, Ilona

  12. How on earth did I miss new posts from you. I am SO happy to see you working on minis again. First off, congratulations on the publication. It is very well deserved :0D Secondly, the HBS beach house is freakin' awesome. What a fantastic use of space! I LOVE IT! :0)

  13. Susi - I know that this article was posted a long time ago, but I just found it. I recently jumped into minis in a big way and started my own blog documenting my family's restoration of our heirloom dollhouse. It has been a source of joy for 4 generations now. Great memories all around -